Mini split heating and air

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a winter solstice so appealing as my first one on my houseboat. Just over the summer time, I was finally able to fulfill my lifelong dream of getting away from the city & enjoying life on my own terms.  Now I’m on my own houseboat and doing freelance job as it pleases me. I no longer have to worry about things care about rent or energy bills! With the houseboat, I just pay for my internet & my cellphone, plus my truck for the few trips I need to take into town. so it functions primarily off grid, I spent the past year overhauling the houseboat. I have a solar panel for all of my appliances plus my heat pump. For when it drops below 17 degrees–which is as low as my ductless mini cut Heating–I have a wood burning stove Ventilation plus A/C will run well… Then water is done through rain collection & the lake… Out here, I was able to experience a perfectly still pale white Christmas. I had my afternoon tea & watched the sun set over the snow covered lakeshore, & even watched the local deer get their afternoon breakfast. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so appealing in my whole life; and thanks to the latest advances in Heating, Ventilation plus A/C technology, I am able to take it all in perfect comfort. The heat pump not only provides me with heating & cooling, but it also has a humidistat to control the moisture in the air. Honestly, life on the water is the perfect fit for me.

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