Messing with our a/c unit

I have consistently been a big time prankster ever since I was a little boy, but at times it has gotten some pretty big laughs & at other times in life it has gotten me into a pretty big amount of trouble. Now that I am married to my lovely wife, she tends to fall victim to the majority of the pranks I pull… She has consistently been a pretty fine sport about it, but yesterday when I pranked her it did not go over undoubtedly well, however the two of us had been saving up money for almost two years so every one of us could replace our seasoned & rundown air conditioning unit to a brand current state of the art unit. The two of us live in the deep south, so every one of us had been looking forward to the afternoon yesterday when every one of us finally were able to drive down to the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C heating & cooling company & buy our unit. After every one of us got back home & had the air conditioning unit installed, I thought it would be funny at the time to pretend care about the air conditioning unit caught on fire while my wife was in the shower, and i put a candle over by the air conditioning unit & blew it out so smoke was all around the air conditioning unit, & then yelled at my wife in the shower to come help because the air conditioning unit had caught on fire! Once she came running into the dining room soaking wet to find out it had all been a prank, she was not undoubtedly impressed. I apologized over & over that afternoon, but I assume I still have a few more weeks where i will be sleeping on the couch until my wife forgives me for the stupid prank.

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