Male and Female HVAC Preferences

Do you remember back a decade or so ago there was this really popular book on the market that described men as being from one planet and women from another? It was a bestseller for months, perhaps even years, on end. I never actually read that book, but I am probably the only one who was alive at that time who did not read it. I think the reason it was so popular was because it declared something that seemed to be true! I feel like the sexes are complementary, that is, they help each other through life in a way that is really great, despite the challenges. The one aspect of male to female discord that really does drive me nuts, though, is the difference between male and female HVAC preferences. The great majority of women prefer the thermostat setting to be higher than most men would prefer their thermostat setting. Yes, it seems women are always cold and men are always hot. Men would use the a/c constantly, probably, even if simply opening a window would cool of the house. Women would use the furnace for half the year even if opening a curtain would bring in the heat of the sunshine. I am not like most women in this area. I adore the a/c to be on and I love a low thermostat setting. Men who live with me are not suffering with the use of a furnace in April. If I get a bit chilly on occasion, I prefer to snuggle under a throw rather than crank up the furnace.