Losing my HVAC

Approximately fifty percent of my annual energy expenses are the result of heating and cooling. I live in the northeastern section of the the country, and there’s rarely a time when I can go without the gas furnace or a/c. The people I was with and I deal with temperatures well below zero, vicious wind chill and a tremendous amount of snow while I was in the winter. In the summer, it’s not unfamiliar for the temperature to climb into the triple digits and the humidity is actually brutal. Spring and fall tend to be freezing and wet, however can bring any type of weather. I’m typically searching for possibilities to lessen the workload on the heating and cooling idea and reduce my expenses. I invested quite a bit of money into new, Energy Star rated, thermal pane windows and carefully insulated and caulked around them. The current windows have absolutely lessened the amount of drafts coming in and improved comfort, however I didn’t notice much difference in my yearly gas and electric bills. I am also actually conscientious about upgrade air filters and scheduling annual service for the gas furnace and a/c with a licensed contractor, last fall, when the Heating and Air Conditioning contractor came to the apartment to service the gas furnace, I complained about the cost of keeping the apartment comfortable. The contractor asked about the level of insulation in my attic. Since I’d never paid any attention to the attic, the people I was with and I went up there and took a look. I then realized that my attic was not insulated. Having an harshly overheated attic in the summer, and a freezing freezing attic in the winter, was absolutely a problem. The cost of a few rolls of insulation was minimal, and my husband and I handled the task ourselves.

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