Issues with the apartment

My amazing partner & I have an home rental property, we purchased the property numerous years ago, in an auction, then the stadium needed some major Renovations. My partner is a building contractor by trade. We made most of the repairs on our own. We saved a good chunk of change that way, but my partner & I have been renting the apartments for a few years, & both of us have not had any real trouble, due to the fact that the rental property is in our hometown, our partner or myself can pop by any given afternoon. Since the occupants suppose both of us live close, they consistently take care of the place. One of our Apartments is a numerous home office & two bathroom apartment. Our home maintenance repair guy resides in this apartment, & she receives a split on the rent for fixing building complications, but last weekend, the building supervisor called. One of our occupants moved out, & she was reporting the status of their apartment. The occupants were pissed off, because we decided to raise the rent this year. One occupant was displeased & terminated her lease right away. When she left, she left the home in shambles. One thing our home director noticed, was the missing thermostat from off of the wall. The thermostat was ripped right from the wall. Two of the wires were hanging there, & another wire was completely missing, but i do not suppose why she decided to remove the thermostat, but I will be charging for the damage. My maintenance girl had to open the wall to service the wiring problem, & both of us had to pick up a brand new thermostat for that apartment. When I return the security deposit, I will make sure the occupant is charged for literally all of the injures & the missing thermostat.

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