Info on how to fix a/c devices

There are cities as well as there are town, and there are big towns as well as small towns, now imagine the smallest neighborhood you have ever seen, then divide it in half, and that’s still bigger than the neighborhood near where I grew up. Mind you I wasn’t even a part of that tiny town. My family as well as I just lived near it. We were rural farm folk, and went quarterly to the grocery-and-feed store and that was about all the socializing we did. It wasn’t even until I was 12 that we got electricity in our house, if that tells you how far out we lived! Up until that point our sole heating source was a seasoned wood burning heating system. It had a few air ducts that help take the smoke outdoors as well as channel the heat into the kitchens, but this heating system was terribly inefficient. Thankfully when we got electricity we had more heating chances than ever before… One afternoon my dad brought home a space heating system from his trip to the feed store! He had gotten this heating system for next to nothing, because it wasn’t working. He challenged me to fix it, not because I had any experience with space heaters, just because he knew he wasn’t mechanically minded like I was. I had fixed our old tractor more than once, so he assumed a little heating system would be a piece of cake. It turns out I am not fantastic at making cakes, apparently, because it took me several weeks to figure out that heating system as well as get it back to heating once more.

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