Indoor pool and a/c

I easily add or swimming and air conditioning, even though the two of those things are not well together. My dad and a few others recently decided to go on holiday for more than a couple of days. It was a great deal of fun. There aren’t many times when we leave our spouses alone, but this was a real special occasion. There was a conference recognizably geared for our women, and they wanted this to be a lot of girl time. Both of us were happy to have that conference, because there were times when the lunch was breaking 4 times when there would be no lunch at the evening. My dad and I usually went to the indoor pool which had air conditioning. It seemed strange to have an air-conditioned pool, and we didn’t easily understand what that meant. I guess it was strange wording, because the room where the pool seem to be located, was actually the part that was well air-conditioned. It was sizzling easily outdoors, and this was an interesting idea so no one would have to be outdoors. The room was pretty chilly from the air conditioning, and each of us found the water to be pretty cold. It turned out to be a single swimming Nightmare, and the two of us easily learn our lesson. The only way I would want to swim in an indoor pool, was if the place was heated instead of air conditioned. It makes very little sense to us. The hotel seem to be busy with lots of people, so I guess we were the only ones.

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