In the market for new HVAC

I have always preferred to save money any way that I can. I don’t really know the reason behind this trait, but that’s just how go about things. I can even recall all the way back to my elementary school days when I would sell my snacks that my dad would pack for me at lunchtime for at least a quarter. Now that I am a little less juvenile, I am still super frugal, except when it comes to heating and air units. My girlfriend of four years is a certified HVAC repair lady, and she taught me how awesome proper heating and cooling can be. I had grown up with very frugal parents who also liked to save a buck, so I never experienced top of the line heating and cooling units growing up. After I was invited to her place and experienced her radiant heated flooring, I at once, wished to know about all things in the HVAC world. I am constantly on the lookout for breakthroughs in modern HVAC tech, and I am also constantly on the web getting parts from old units. It’s now turned into a hobby, but I guess I could be passionate about weirder things in life. With that being said, spending on top of the line climate control is not a cheap thing to do, not one bit. It is such a contrast to me never wanting to spend a single penny all those years growing up!

HVAC equipment