I’m a bit concerned

When my younger cousin was in college, she moved in with us for a semester just so that she could save money on rent. We didn’t mind having her there and she chipped in money for groceries and some of the utilities.  Unfortunately, her meager contributions were not nearly enough to keep up with her love of the air conditioner. I don’t know if my cousin was just naturally hot blooded or what, but she was always complaining about how hot it was in our apartment. She was always dripping with sweat! It made her seem like she was uncomfortable all the time, too. Anyway, one day I was wondering why I was so cold, I mean, it was the middle of September so I expected to be warm. I looked at our temperature control that was at the top of the stairs and I saw that the setting had been turned all the way down to 62 degrees! That was the lowest that the thermostat could even go! I thought it was a fluke, or that the programmable thermostat had malfunctioned. Surely no one would have set it that low on purpose.  The system must have run consistently for 5 hours or so to get it down to 62 degrees in our apartment since it was close to 90 outside. Come to find out, the temperature control hadn’t malfunctioned at all; my cousin had taken it upon herself to turn the unit down as far as it would go because she was too hot in our house. We told her that she would need to find a different place to live the following semester.

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