I don’t have much more time

I always wanted to live off the grid.  I grew up with a hectic lifestyle, it was just unsettling to me.  Next, I grew up in the city, plus as you can imagine, there was no way to get away from it plus relax.  That is unless you took a long car ride. I wanted to live where things like police sirens, honking horns, plus flashing lights were not anywhere to be seen.  When the opportunity arose to travel all over the place for school, that was the final convincing point for me. I am a nature lover plus living in the wild for more than a few months without my phone, it was like being back in time.  When I returned beach house I found a job that would allow me to live out in a more remote area. I decided I hoped to have as few of belongings as possible in order to be more mobile. All of my things must have another purpose for me.  Even my dining room table folds up at night allowing for me to have a couch plus seating area. All of my items were custom built by a local manufacturer for my travels. I contacted them plus told them what I needed, a design crew worked to make sure that my good pieces were within the measurement instruction plus could be moved if I need them to.  I didn’t have a place of my own but rented a small shed type place that only had a few 100 feet of living space.

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