How to skimp on who gets HVAC

Not too long ago, I made the decision to start working from home.  Before that I had been working in retail. This was not a bad job, but I couldn’t wait to take my breaks.  State law says that breaks must be taken at certain intervals. In the store I worked in, it didn’t matter if you were on break, if a customer needed help, you had to help them.  This made getting off the floor and into the breakroom, a very difficult task, at times. It didn’t matter, however, because once you got in the breakroom, you didn’t want to stay there.  There was no HVAC in the breakroom. Maybe they justify not have air conditioning or heating in there by saying that you don’t spend that much time there, and it is useless to keep it heated and cooled.  I think it is just cheap. The showroom floor has plenty of heating and air conditioning. I think they just worry about their customers and their comfort. I was complaining quite loudly about how hard we all worked for them.  We were understaffed and overworked, and we need to have air conditioning and heating in the breakroom, even if we weren’t there very often. I’m sure they have HVAC in the office area. Now that I am working from home, I can take my breaks whenever I like, and stay out on break for however long I like.  I also have excellent HVAC both in my office and in the kitchen, which happens to be my breakroom.

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