House husband learns climate control

Some people make fun of me for being a house husband. I don’t let them get to me, because I know something they will never understand. I have a hot wife who makes insane money, and instead of going to an office I get to raise my kid and cook. If that doesn’t sound like a charmed life, then I don’t know what to tell you. I hated working, and this is definitely the life for me. And while most people do the same thing day after day, I am constantly learning new things and expanding my skill set. Over the last few years I have learned how to troubleshoot with plumbing, electrical, and HVAC problems. Most people when they have a problem with their heating or cooling system just call a professional right away. They don’t have the time or the energy to devote to learning how an HVAC system works, but I do. Sure, I will still call up our HVAC contractor if there is a major issue with the system, but I have found that 80% of all problems with the AC unit or the furnace can be solved right here, with the tools I already have.  It’s actually kind of ridiculous how much work you can save yourself just by changing out the air filters every few weeks. It saves a lot of extra wear and tear on the HVAC system, which helps it run smoother for longer. Past that, I know what to look for on the water heater, the furnace, and on the central AC unit as well to give me an indicator of what is wrong.