My mom has always been the perfect hostess. Whenever we happened to have guests in the house, everything had to be perfect for them.  It is as though while we had visitors, they became Mom’s priority and the rest of the family had, to a large extent, fend for ourselves.  So, over time my dad, my siblings and I began to resent having guests in our house. I will never forget that summer our cousins from up North came for a visit.

             Since they are used to cold weather, they could not handle our warm climate without having the AC on at full blast, all the time. My dad is an HVAC technician so our HVAC unit is usually well serviced and running right. For some obscure reason however, the HVAC unit broke down one night with my cousins in the house. Hurriedly, we opened up the windows and turned on the available fans. Where was my technician dad during all this? Sleeping! Mom begged him repeatedly to go fix the HVAC unit, but he simply said he would do it in the morning and took himself back to bed. Then when morning broke, he had mysteriously disappeared.

             Since we have always lived in the South, we were able to cope much better without AC, than were our cousins. As night began to fall and the HVAC unit remained nonfunctional, my cousins announced they would be cutting their visit short and returning home the following day..  Though he never admitted it, I strongly believe that my dad deliberately messed up that HVAC unit’ just to force our guests out of the house.

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