Heating does not reach everywhere

You know, one of the most aggravating things about living up North is the inevitable “cold spots”, sometimes this is due to reasons that can’t be resolved with improved oil furnaces, such as awful weatherstripping or sealing, as well as a lack of regular insulation in the walls as well as ceiling! It’s a pain in the diary air to deal with those cold spots, especially when that cold spot is in your bathroom and bedroom! Thankfully, I was able to resolve our cold spot issue in both rooms with a multi-pronged approach, first, I worked with an HVAC system specialist in the city that evaluated the place, but then he suggested that I have the stripping on the windows redone, as well as have insulation installed in our attic. Who would’ve thought that I never had insulation in the roof? No wonder it was so freezing cold! After that, the HVAC specialist then suggested a high-efficiency heating approach to keep both rooms warm, however away from heating the entire house. His suggestion was something called a cove heater, which functions similar to a radiator! It’s an incognito appliance that hangs on the wall by the ceiling, as well as provides heat in a directional flow. I had a cove heater installed in both rooms, as this can be hardwired to the house for power as well as controlled by a single thermostat in the living room area. How cool is that? With the brand new insulation, improved sealing on windows in both rooms as well as the cove heater providing light and consistent heat, I saw a substantial difference in the comfort of both rooms! I was over the sky about all of this for once!

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