hate the HVAC when we travel

I fly all over the world for work and it can be a brutal ordeal. This latest trip started early in the morning, and I had to shovel the snow from my driveway to drive off of it. It was necessary to leave the car running, with the heater to melt all the ice, before I could leave for the airport. The roads were very slippery, there was tremendous snowfall and near zero visibility, so the drive was harrowing.  I had the heater blowing at maximum capacity the entire time, and I had to drive slow so that I wouldn’t veer off the road. Once I finally parked at the airport, there was a long walk in nearly a foot of snow to arrive at the terminal. It was in the teens outside, with the windchill making it feel even colder, and I had to wear all the winter gear that I owned. I stepped inside the terminal and the thermostat tortured me with an immediate influx of  hot air. I instantly started to sweat, and because of the army of supply vents delivering the warm air, there was no way to find relief. I had to remove my hat, jacket, gloves, and scarf and deposit them into my suitcase. I sat in the airport, roasting, even without my winter gear, for over an hour. The air quality was so nasty and contaminated that I ended up feeling sick with a terrible headache. I then got seated on the airplane and it was cold again. I’m not sure where the constant flow of freezing air was coming from, but it was the coldest flight I’ve ever been on. It seemed as if they were actually air conditioning the plane. My two-hour layover in another terminal was a hot situation too, and I was back to and I was back to frigid conditions during my second flight.

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