Getting ductless cooling was smart

Back when I was growing up I didn’t know anything at all about heating and cooling systems for homes. The only thing I did know was that when you moved the needle on the thermostat, the house got hotter or colder. However, ever since buying my first home, I have l acquired a few tips about these things. But, you see, the first house I obtained was something of a fixer-upper. And since I’m still paying off my student loans, money is pretty tight for me. But regardless, I still wanted a property I was investing in unlike with an apartment,.  Unfortunately, this meant that my first house was not in perfect condition at all. The worst thing of all was that it did not have any type of a/c or oil furnace installed in it. So moving the needle on my thermostat wasn’t even an option in my new house! So that meant I had to do some real research on what type of cooling system was going to be best for me, since I had no idea. At first, I thought I might be able to get by with some box fans and maybe a space heater. Soon, though, I figured out that the hot summers and cold winters were just too extreme. When I decided to install something new, I checked the air ducts in my house to see what my chances were. However, there were no ducts installed! So then I knew that I would have to use a mini-split system of some kind. Since the house was kind of on the small side, I wanted to make sure that all of the windows were letting in light, and so that meant that the best option for me was, hands down, a ductless A/C system. It is much quieter, easy to use, and it keeps my whole house the right temperature. And it works perfectly for me in summer and in winter.

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