Getting angry

I have a very hot and cold relationship with my boyfriend. I feel like we are either fighting like crazy or being extremely loving and caring towards each other. I know that seems like a crazy dynamic, but it really works for us, and we have been together for about ten years now. I think we will get married in the near future, and hopefully we will raise a family together. Many of my friends don’t think we should be together because we fight so much, but I think that it keeps our relationship interesting. I love that we aren’t a boring couple and have new and exciting adventures all the time. Our newest adventure started about three months ago when we decided to take the plunge and move in together. I was so excited about living with my boyfriend, and I think it was the next best step in our relationship. I hope that it will make him want to propose to me even more. One thing I have noticed though is that we are always in agreement about the temperature of the heating and cooling system. I would think that we would normally get angry with each other because we couldn’t agree, but it seems like something we actually agree on. I like the air conditioner blasting when we are going to sleep, and I like to turn up the temperature when we are away from the house to save money. I can’t believe the HVAC system is where we agree most; it blows my mind!

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