Free hotel upgrade for HVAC

For our honeymoon, my wife and I planned a luxurious trip to a tropical island, something that had always been a dream of ours. We spent months planning to get everything just right while staying within budget. When the day came for us to fly out, we were so excited. We arrived at the resort really early in the morning, due to it being a late night flight, and were both ready to get into bed by the time we were checked in and given the keys to our room. In order to save money to spend on other areas of the trip, we had decided on one of the least expensive rooms, although the decor was still amazing. I was working on getting our things situation, when I heard my wife ask me to come look at the air conditioner. She had apparently been trying to get it to turn on, as it was much hotter here than we were used to, but the cooling simply wouldn’t work. As tired as I was, I knew we’d end up tossing and turning and not get any sleep if we didn’t have the air conditioner running, and not being well rested for our afternoon activities and night of excitement that day would end up throwing the entire trip off track. And so I headed down to the front desk to ask about the air conditioner. The receptionist was extremely apologetic and accommodating for the inconvenience, upgrading our room free of charge and sending an employee along to help move our things over. The new room was gorgeous, with a stunning ocean view. And, I should note, a fully functioning air conditioning we could run to our hearts’ content. While it was unfortunate in the moment, that broken AC was a godsend, helping to make our honeymoon the best it could be.

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