Forgot the furnace filter again

I have a super bad habit of not thinking about potential problems; A lack of planning on my section leads a lot more problems in my average daily life than I should have, and it’s all on me. I’m never trying to pass the blame, I just wish there was a way my brain could work better. I literally NEVER think to change my oil until smoke starts pouring from under the hood. I never guess to spray for pests before there is are ton of them in the house. And but I tend to use my air conditioning unit almost every other morning. I still never know to do any type of repair until it is too late, but this is my fault too, because any idiot is capable of increasing out an air filter! Air filters are far too cheap to purchase & easy to replace, & I believe this, but still I never guess to do it, and even though I am no way a pro with Heating & Air Conditioning systems at all, I have been told time & time again that by simply increasing out the air filters regularly I could save myself a lot on my bills & breakdowns in the future. I decided to outsmart myself by setting a monthly reminder on my smartphone, so I would believe to change the air filter. I went to the store & picked up a twenty four pack of air filters, so that combined with my smartphone alarm should keep my unit working well for the next year. I just pray I can keep the air filter wipe for a year at least!

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