Filtering the air in our house

My wife and I have been pinching pennies over the past year. It’s not easy trying to live on a budget that barely allots enough money to feed us and our two kids, so we make every dollar count. Still, it’s worth it to see our kids smiling and happy every day! Plus, we’ve learned where we can skimp on quality without suffering too much. One thing we definitely can’t be cheap about though is the air filter choice for our home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. We learned that the hard way after a particularly pollen-filled spring last year. We started using cheap air filters around March of last year, and we subsequently watched as our home was filled with pollen, dust, dirt, and all other manner of air pollutants. We even started finding small bugs and other pests in our home! It was as if the air filter was just there for show, and not actually filtering anything out. Since high quality air filters still aren’t very expensive, we felt it was worth spending the extra money every month or two just to get the better filters. As a result, our air quality is much better than it was last year, and our kids are complaining less often about allergy symptoms. Since I have a big job interview this week, I might soon find myself in a position that makes much more money. If that’s the case, I can promise you that I’ll be working on getting my home’s air quality caught up by introducing an air purification system. Soon we’ll have the cleanest air possible!