Filter changes

I’ve got a newly licensed HVAC technician riding with me today.  In the 10 plus years that I’ve been the manager of the HVAC company that I work at, I’ve helped many newly licensed heating and cooling technicians get comfortable in their new job.  Real life situations, such as finding live creatures up in the attic, to hearing promises made that the customer “always changes the air filter”. Only to find that air filter quite nasty, is just two scenarios that we in the HVAC business encounter daily.  So now, my new HVAC technician Mike is riding along with me today to an air balancing appointment. A customer has called us for an HVAC tune-up, but we’ll also conduct the air balancing while on-site today. Air balancing for an HVAC technician is the process of adjusting the heating and cooling system using the many HVAC skills that we have mastered.  We have the knowledge needed to look at and understand the intake and output of the HVAC equipment and to adjust the equipment accordingly. Air balancing will improve the air circulation, thusly improving the indoor air quality for the A/C user. This HVAC maintenance process will enhance the overall performance of the customer’s air conditioning and heating system.  For the HVAC user, it means delivering the right amount of conditioned air, whether hot or cold, to each room, keeping the customer more comfortable in every room. A nationally recognized HVAC training company says that balancing is the single-most important step that an HVAC technician can do to assure the heating and cooling equipment continues to produce comfort and operates efficiently.  

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