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There is a misconception when it comes to choosing an air conditioning units… size doesn’t matter.  This is so not true, size does matter! When you are in the process of choosing your HVAC system, you must always take the size of the building into consideration.  If you don’t, this could have you in a bind really quick. Reason being, when you don’t take the size of the building you will be cooling into consideration, your new HVAC unit may not be strong enough and will wear out.  For example, say you buy an air conditioning unit big enough to remain comfortable at 75°F inside when it’s 95°F outside. If it gets any hotter than that, your HVAC system will not be able to keep up! It won’t matter how low you set the cooling thermostat.  Then you realize it’s running constantly, trying to keep up with cooling your house. I can’t imagine what your electric bill may turn out to be. This turns into money out of your pocket. You then think immediately something is wrong. So you call your local HVAC or air conditioner repair technician who then comes out on a service call, which is again, more money out of your pocket.  Then they turn to you and say that your unit is too small to fully cool down your house. So that means again, your cooling system, no matter how low you turn down your thermostat, will not be able to cool your house the way it should. Make sure when you go to purchase your next air conditioning unit, you make note of how big of a unit you need.

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