Eating at my Favorite Restaurant

If it were up to me, I would eat out all of the time. I’m not huge on cooking, and I only do it so often so that I can save money. However, I do allow myself to eat out at least one time per week. While I switch it up from time to time, I often use my night out to go to my favorite local Mexican restaurant. Their food is delicious, and they are located just a few blocks away from my house. I’ve always had good experiences there except for last week when I arrived to find that the air conditioner was not functioning. I sat at my favorite table that is also directly beneath an air vent, but there was no cool air to be felt. I had been craving my favorite meal all week, so leaving because the air conditioner wasn’t working didn’t seem like an option. I had to think fast! When the waiter came to take my order, he apologized for the cooling system. I ended up asking him if I could get my meal to go, and he told me that would be no problem. After about ten more minutes of waiting, I took my food to a local park and enjoyed it there. I ended up really enjoying the experience a lot. I’m sure that the restaurant will have the HVAC unit back to normal by the time I go back. I love that place so much that I’m just not willing to miss my few chances to eat there for anything!

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