Decorating and using the ac

I absolutely love the holidays so much! I love to sing, I love to decorate, I love to cook, it is all just great! I am one of those people who never misses Thanksgiving, it is my favorite holiday, in truth. However, I am also that celebrator who is ready to decorate when she returns home from shopping the Friday after Thanksgiving. Just about every year, we decorate our house quite early – we even gussy up our tree before December comes marching in. Usually we get an actual tree, but last year, my hubby’s boss gave us his old fake tree, so it was up before the first! Our only mistake about decorating so quickly is that we should have had our climate control man come and replace our air conditioning filter. We put the fake tree where it would be blocking where the ladder would go to change out the filter, and we simply cannot remove the tree, because we also have our whole winter village set up below it! We do have a brand spanking new A/C system. It was ready to roll three months ago, but we still like to make sure our energy bill doesn’t increase needlessly – especially living down south in the sunshine. Hopefully, having the air filter being dirty for a bit longer won’t affect us too much, because with the 25th around the corner, we really can’t pay for an increase, I should say, on our energy bill. We also don’t want to be breathing in unfiltered air, because it could make us sick for Christmas

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