Commercial with HVAC in it

For whatever reason, for a couple hours late every night, my favorite TV channel is obsessed with showing heating & A/C advertisements, however the channel is a local channel, & I suppose that they must actually take heating & A/C seriously. Every other commercial seems to be for a different heating & A/C company, but I had no clue that there were even that many HVAC companies in our town! I had only ever heard of two HVAC companies around us: the one that my dad works for, & the one that does our heating & A/C service appointments every six months. It would seem though, that there are a multitude of heating & A/C companies, & all of them are vying for our business! One heating & A/C company professes to be the oldest one in the area, & thus thinks that they deserve our business for that reason. Another company claims to be the most energy efficient in our area, & says that I should trust my heater and a/c needs to their company. Another company claims to be the best heating & A/C company bar none, & says that they always supply the best service by far! Another heating & A/C company claims to be the cheapest, & says that they will clean up our air ducts for free! Of course, I could go on & on, but heating & A/C commercials are becoming sort of a joke with my family. We have even started placing bets on which company’s commercial will come on next. With all of these choices, I am sure that everyone looking for an HVAC company does not know where to turn! I am very content with the HVAC company that I use, so that I do not have to worry about choosing one.

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