Co-workers HVAC settings

I task in an office with a bunch of people. I am lucky that most of the people in our office are our age, although I have to admit that are pretty annoying, and most of our coworkers are always complaining about something. It doesn’t even matter what it is I recognize prefer they just want to hear themselves talk. I try to be friendly with them although I don’t want to have friends that just prefer to stand around, complain and gossip all the time. I will go with them to gleeful minute sometimes, however then they just get even worse and start talking poorly about other people in the office. One thing they just can’t seem to let go is the temperature of the office. They always assume the air conditioning is blasting when it’s not, then however, instead of telling upper management that they have a problem with the temperature of the air conditioning, they just stand around and gossip about how our boss isn’t a superb leader. Maybe they should voice their opinions to someone that can genuinely make a change. I don’t assume the air conditioning is a problem, although I know that if I was cold cold every day at task I would make sure to tell our boss right away, nothing superb comes out of them just sitting around and chatting together, maybe I should go to our boss and say they are the problem and not the air conditioning. Maybe that would keep them from being so annoying all the time.

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