Can’t believe you don’t want heating

My husband Bob and I watched the Winter Olympics recently plus and we   both are in agreement about it. Bob and I don’t understand why anyone from tropical countries would choose a Winter sport. Why would a sunny and hot location want to bobsled? Why are ladies figure skating when they could be surfing on ocean waves? Why take on the ski lift when you could be in A/C and drinking a fruity drink at the bar? Bob and I don’t understand it. I also don’t understand why anyone wants to enter into  Winter sports. The skiers have to get up super early for their event, and then they have to dress like immense marshmallows and stand at the top of a snowy mountain. Do you have any idea how cold that would feel? They compete in icy conditions, at the coldest time of year, without any sort of heating. I would be complaining. There is no available area with a heating system on a mountain. The athletes can get out of the wind, but that is it as far as their access to temperature control goes. They stand around and wait for their turn, then do a ski event that last around 2 minutes. Then they stand around to watch the rest of the competitors.   Again, they go without access to a heating for all this time. They just have to shiver. Only once the event is over and the medals are awarded, can the athletes go back to quality heating. I can’t imagine being cold and in the snow for such a long duration. Why would anyone want to compete in a Winter sport? Summer sports seem way more fun to me.

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