Benefits of a/c for a work out

I am wacko when it comes to exercising. I exercise everyday and have highlighted areas of my body for each afternoon. There is a leg goal, arm goal and ab goal. I even task on core, coordination and pose for certain days. I have gotten so bad that I now have even considered the temperature control while I exercise. The temperature you are at absolutely deals with how productive you are. To give an example, working out inside is ideal because there is AC. I can do a longer exercise portion with the cooling system on. I am less likely to get sleepy or slip because I am wet like. The con is that the a/c makes it taxing to get into the exercise. I spend a decent portion of the exercise time warming up. I need to get my whole body to where heavy A/C is comfortable. When I go outdoors, I am starting at a decent temperature. I don’t need the A/C for the beginning of the task out, outdoors I get super sweaty and sleepy though; Having no A/C then and only hot sun makes myself and others provide up faster. So, I get more of a sweat on. Since there are too numerous plus sides for both, I rotate going outside or not. I occasionally get A/C and have to absolutely work cardio to get heated. There are days, I get no cooling and have to do strength training through the sweat.

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