Bad combination-heat and no a/c

I was listening to some crime show the other day and they were saying that there are more murders and crimes committed during the heat of summer.  I assumed they quoted this from a book that had been written before air conditioning. They said that people get cranky from the heat and temper are more likely to flare.  It had me wondering about how life has changed since we were able to put air conditioning into every home. I grew up in the South West and we only had a window air conditioner in our home, and a space heater for heat.  I can remember getting out of bed feeling cranky because it was so hot in the house and I wasn’t able to sleep very well. I don’t remember if we were cranky because of the heat. I have now become quite used to having a heating and air conditioning system in my home.  I know I would be irritable if I had to go without the AC. I can understand how you get less sleep, your heart rate goes up in the heat, and you sweat a lot, can make you quite upset. If you never had air conditioning, I don’t think you mind it so badly, but having AC and losing it, can really help the tempers to flare.  I am really glad that I don’t need to worry about having HVAC anymore. I know that if I am uncomfortable, I can simply adjust the thermostat and totally forget about the raging heat outside.

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