Good thing we have radiant heating

I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘Work hard play hard.’ It’s one I live by! I love to relax when I can, though I take pride in my work to make a comfortable living. I love to kick back and keep it simple, but I also love to hang out with friends and go out on… Read More

The indoor air conditions are polluted

I have been going to my doctor to get antidepressant medications to help manage my stress levels, but none of those medications undoubtedly work. Just looking at the side effects alone absolutely makes it all not worth it to me… My stress really spiked when our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system broke down the other… Read More

The HVAC device is wrecked

Both of my youngsters go to a private school in the city… It is a great thing for them. While those other schools let youngsters do whatever they want, here there’s a bit more strict rules. Half the time, public schools do not even teach officially anymore. Yet at the private school in town, they… Read More

The a/c unit in our home

I finally caved and went to the tech store to buy a current PC last weekend… My previous computer had too many things wrong with it; it just wasn’t making it anymore. It was slowing down, starting to freeze up, as well as lots of other complications–it was for sure time for a newer model!… Read More

The heating program in the public transport

In the city I call home, I love my career as a public bus driver. Then driving this bus is absolutely interesting! I get to meet all kinds of people. From the unusual, the different plus the normal working class person. Yet the beautiful heating plus a/c they have in the bus itself is the… Read More

Great climate control in the homes

Since my husband and I had spent over fifty years of our lives struggling through the snow and freezing temperatures up north, we decided on investing in a small vacation home down south. Now we are northerners for six months, and southerners for six months. We get the best of both weather situations. I had… Read More

Winter months and heating

My mom is a really good woman. She raised all of my siblings and me all by herself. And she had a pretty weird and interesting way of discipline when we were not listening to her. She’d turn on the heating system in the middle of the summer until we would all be roasting. And… Read More

Getting hydronic heating in the home

During our trip to the grocery store, I unfortunately bumped into an old colleague from years ago. While our encounter was surprisingly friendly, the entire exchange reminded me of the reason why I don’t speak to that old “work buddy” these days! See, I used to work for a supplier that sold heating, ventilation plus… Read More

Great heater and a/c technology

You know, you can never honestly fathom how easily affordable it is to have a quarterly heating, ventilation as well as air conditioning machine tune-up at your residence. When I lived in an apartment, I never had to bother about scheduling those kinds of visits – my property owner would take care of the machine… Read More