AC at new job is freezing:

I suppose that I am getting a bit out of touch with the youth as of late. While I think that I am still a pretty young & hip person, these recent events have certainly changed my mind about that! Last weekend, I went in for what was my first day of work at an… Read More

Real focused with the HVAC running

Being very distracted is my one true problems, and it may not sound so bad, but it is. In my cas, I am so distracted that almost any little thing can keep me from performing well on a test, a work, an evaluation, or even at home hobbies. I need to lock in with 110%… Read More

the date night ruined by heating

Me and my spouse have been together a long time. The secret is we never stop dating, and after all this time, we still go out on a date night at least twice a week, periodically even once a week! We need to keep acting like a few adolescents for as long as the we… Read More

Having to replace parts on the a/c

My family and I are the original owners & occupants, respectively, of our home. Each of us takes an enjoyable deal of pride & joy in the upkeep & maintenance of our humble home! This past Summer was one that we all had seriously looked forward to–the kids, no doubt, because they’d be out of… Read More

how to drown out the heater

My husband & I recently resituated to a genuinely warm climate–and one that is totally foreign to our warmer-blooded tastes, to say the least! When duty calls, though, every single one of us have consistently been the type to answer the iphone, & this time the work required that every single one of us get… Read More

HVAC in the Fall for a wedding

I have to go to a wedding this weekend, then i dislike weddings! They are so long, boring and I never like anybody there… My guy Al knows somebody getting married every single year, but every single year I am brought along as his date. I usually just sit at the bar, get hammered and… Read More

Gym really should have had a cooling system

I played volleyball in high school. Over the Summer, the team in and me would practice in the high school gym, however since the school gym had no AC, it was horrible. Setting up the nets, hitting the ball and doing team drills was horrible. The practice would be around 5 hours; By the end… Read More

Brother has the best HVAC

My sis has literally everything, She is absolutely smart, as well as she has never been afraid of strenuous hard work, plus she has a degree in information systems, which of course is a nice degree to have, and still, it amazes myself how she has everything all the time. She has owned boats, expensive… Read More

Dirty a/c caused it

My hubby woke up in pain with sweat was pouring down his face despite the fact that the thermostat was set on cool and 79 degrees. I was forced to call the ambulance and get him taken to the hospital right away. I followed behind in the automobile with the furnace running because it was… Read More