This is a very great idea

My hubby does everything he can to make me smile, and I love him for that. He’ll resort to anything to brighten my disposition and prove how much he adores me, and I really like how devout he is. I try my best to be as supportive and adoring as he is, but it’s pretty… Read More

My machinery knowledge

My town changed for the better with the addition of a brand new grocery store and bowling alley along the main road of our humble town. All of us were all severely pleased about these added venues, and couldn’t be more pleased when a brand new steakhouse opened up next door! The whole town felt… Read More

I’m so satisfied

Though I was not born into privilege, I believe that I live a very fulfilling live. Many events in my life have allowed me to make beneficial changes that help me today; however, one of the most beneficial changes in recent times has been leaving a career that I hated in the place of following… Read More

This will keep us healthy

I am finally ready to tell the world that I am dealing a major character flaw. You see, I’ve developed a major issue with refusing to spend money, but while I know that it is a positive quality to be frugal and money conscious, but there has to be a cause and reason. However, this… Read More

The furnace needs to be fixed

I’m starting to panic a little.  I’m worried over whether or not a part for our furnace will arrive in time for my party. See, my husband Jack and I  are supposed to hosting a New Year’s party at our home in three days. A little over a week ago, the furnace malfunctioned.  The HVAC… Read More

It’s super cold in here

I’m becoming worried about whether or not the replacement component for our furnace is going to get here in time. See, my husband Mark and I  are supposed to be holding a get-together at our house four days from now. Last week, we had a problem with the furnace. The HVAC professional ordered the replacement… Read More

Thermostat is too complicated for me

I’m consistently on the lookout for new ways to make money without having to take a normal 9-5 job that I don’t like. That’s why I currently work from home making folkart, writing and editing documents for teaching professionals, and managing websites for small businesses. Recently, I decided that I honestly wanted a job which… Read More

Dog freaks out over the a/c system

The worst thing in life might be having to choose between more than one thing that you love. Recently, I faced this situation when I had to decide between living in my town with all my best friends or following my beloved girlfriend to another state. It was a lose-lose situation. I’ve experienced this problem… Read More

Noises from the home

         So my neighbour in addition to the Heating, Ventilation and A/C provider were still in confrontation over an Heating, Ventilation and A/C component he had bought. In a fit of rage, Jack had used his pitbull to frighten off the team of workers, making it absolutely impossible for them to install the unit. After my… Read More

Window a/c

     Jack, my neighbour across the street, became the focus of all our neighbor’s attention when he scared off the Heating, Ventilation and A/C workers. Opinions varied, some claiming that he should have better controlled his temper, while others asserted that he did not act at all wrong way, after losing two whole afternoons off work,… Read More