Air conditioner in the hotel

I had the perfect road trip planned out, or so I thought. My husband as well as I decided to drive west as well as make our endpoint a lovely backwoods resort in the mountains. Both of us were on the road for almost a month as well as made several stops in several states…. Read More

Pipes and the heater

I prefer all the seasons.  Summer is absolutely great, I can barbecue and go swimming.  Spring is full of beautiful blooms, and fall has breathtaking leaves. The winter is completely peaceful and white.  One of my all time favorite things about winter is spending some time outside in the snow and then coming in to… Read More

The heater must be serviced

It is evening time, and you are at your property from work. You noticed the temperature is changing. You look out the window, however there are fewer leaves on that tree. Are those leaves changing colors? They look a tad bit yellow around the edges, and was not the humidity lower today? It seemed like… Read More

Getting the best cooling unit

School is not my idea of having fun, but it is something we all have to do.  I can’t understand why they cram all of that boring history stuff down your throat when you will never use it.  It is so boring. I really hate when I have to go to gym class. The gym… Read More

Happy about their cooling power

I recently decided to start up a bakery.  I had been open for almost six months and I was beginning to doubt the wisdom of my decision.  I’ve got to find some way to get the people to realize I am here. I need to get more sales, or the business won’t be able to… Read More

Hate cold feet

All of our life, I have abhorred waking up to place our feet on chilly floors.  Some say this experience is just what they require to wake up. Those people are stupid at best.  I have resided in the Midwest for my whole life The winters here are long plus chilly. A solid, well built… Read More

What style of HVAC do I want?

I am particularly wise with our currency.  Paying for something with decreased value does not happen.  I work to stem the tide of dumb spending in our duplex. So, I determine the value of everything in our household budget.  My wife suggested I lose the spending for the seasonal service on the Heating, Ventilation, and… Read More

Indoor air quality and adding humidity

Many people do not want to be alone.  It makes them unrelaxed to be in the silence of their own company.  Sporadically, it can be because they are definitely accustomed to a lot of people because they were raised up in a sizable family.  Sporadically it could be for the polar opposite thing, and they… Read More

AC filter issues

Fear is a strange attribute.  Primitively it is programmed in us to prevent or avoid terrible experiences.  Most of the time I learned that not only does it stop us from leaping into terrible experiences, but it often times will stop us from progressing or trying anything at all.  A lot of people that are… Read More

HVAC serviceman arrival

My first job every was having to babysit my siblings while they were out of school for the summer. I’d never had any experience watching children before, and I was relatively nervous. Although, I needed the money and so I was willing to do pretty much anything. In the state where we used to live… Read More