Putting the ac unit on high

My boyfriend and I have consistently been total opposites. Though I recall even when we first met, he would consistently say that it was too hot inside whatever diner we were at. Then he would consistently ask the waitress about adjusting the climate control settings. Of course, they would tell him they would see what… Read More

Working with great HVAC

I  am fortunate enough to do my job from home full time. While there are lot of things I appreciate about it, then the  single thing that I appreciate the most is the lake house environment. Being able to do my tasks from our lake home, I’m able to keep the temperature control settings exactly how… Read More

Party with ductless HVAC

My baby brother’s birthday party was every thirteen year-old’s dream… There were arcade games, tons of pizza, and even an indoor laser tag course! Yes, it was the perfect location for a teenager’s birthday party – which is why we struggled to understand why my little brother wanted to throw his 30th birthday at this… Read More

The job of cleaning our air ducts

My pet is this enormous chocolate-colored rabbit named Marlow. He’s a rather sizable oaf, plus a gentle giant that loves a ear scratch. Though he’s a friendly pet, he can do things from time to time that get on my nerves! For example, no matter how many times I tell him “No! Bad Marlow!” he… Read More

The controls with our air conditioner

School has never been easy for me; I grew up in a day when mental problems such as ADHD and ADD had not yet become understood. So I was just considered a fidgety kid who had a hard time concentrating. I managed to get with OK grades, however I did really well on aptitude tests… Read More

The cooling and our date night

I know that occasionally you have to battle to keep the passion burning in a long term relationship! I also know that “fighting” to keep it alive isn’t necessary if you do small tasks for it every single day. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I don’t just take my special lady out on… Read More

The HVAC having superior control

My husband, kids and I are typically occupied with our various responsibilities. My husband is in the military.  Because of this, his time is planned out in such a very manner. He definitely makes the most of every single our. Our kids are involved in sports, lots of extracurricular activities, and always seem to have… Read More

Want the HVAC in best possible care

My husband, Randy and I are go-getters.  We remain on the lookout for the wisest opportunities in which to invest. It’s then probably no surprise that Randy and I are entrepreneurs by trade. We just adored the city in which we lived in the early part of our marriage, but as time passed, we grew… Read More

Want the air cooling done

Cooling systems are always a lot of work. Since the A/C is a naturally damp system, gross things will grow in and near it. The condensate drain frequently will clog up with algae. I constantly think if and when this happens to you. The a/c will leak out water and be sitting in a puddle…. Read More

A quality window air conditioner

My window a/c is already not laboring very well. I bought my a/c unit at the beginning of Summer season. I did everything right, as well. I read the instruction several times, adding siding onto the A/C so it could not fall down, and cleaned the section the A/C had to go into. The cooling… Read More