Small package is expensive A/C part

Yesterday day, I gained receipt of a package delivery. I wasn’t expecting any boxes, gifts,  or letters, so I was particularly surprised when the UPS delivery girl rang the doorbell. I signed for the package, before looking at the address and name. After the UPS delivery girl left our porch, I looked around plus realized… Read More

Air conditioning during the day

It’s absolutely tricky to live in these subtropical weather conditions. My partner plus I consistently have little complications with controlling the indoor air hot plus cold temperatures… Right now, all of us are right in the middle of the winter. It’s the start of December, plus the afternoons plus evenings hot temperatures can vary significantly…. Read More

Way better at running when I get a/c

Running inside a gym is way more peculiar than running outdoors. My neighbor Taylor used to brag about how much better at running she is than I am. She would often tell myself and others about the hours, miles and all the peculiar inclines at which she ran. She definitely looked down on myself and… Read More

Ductless a/c in the little theater

I will admit that I am nuts about films. I love researching new films and watching the behind the scenes clips of them. I love finding out facts about the film and studying reviews online. Needless to tell you, Academy Award season is a big time of the year for me. I make sure to… Read More

Grocery store a/c

When it comes to grocery stores it would seem that some stores have perks over others. I have to say that none of them have all of the benefits as a whole though. As an example, there is this overpriced grocery store that I like to shop at for a few reasons. Despite the fact… Read More

Temperature control for the truck

Sometimes when I am bored I enjoy to go out for a ride to nowhere in particular. It’s like our dad said when I was first learning to drive as well as getting the lay of the land in our town: Sometimes the best way to know your way around is to drive in it…. Read More

The a/c unit totally froze

My girlfriend as well as I went away this weekend. Every one of us were both off on Monday as well as tuesday, as well as we decided to getaway for a surprise trip. My girlfriend as well as I decided to go to the beach, which is a long drive from our apartment. Every… Read More

Getting him tools for HVAC

My girlfriend Penny as well as I wanted to buy some tools for our son. Our son was almost finished with Heating as well as A/C specialist classes, as well as he would begin a job in a few weeks. The holidays were right around the corner, as well as my girlfriend as well as… Read More

Never adjust the heater

My girlfriend and I have booked a two week trip halfway across the globe in a few weeks! We are still young and don’t have a massive amount of money, so I thought it would be smart to pick up a babysitting job for our neighbors to make a little extra cash on the side…. Read More

Hate the HVAC settings

I am a truly generous woman plus I also don’t care for arguing with others, that’s just the way I am. However, I had to finally start standing up for what I wanted in college. My freshman year roommate is what most would call a roommate from hell. She was dirty, loud, plus would always… Read More