We are all staying nice and comfortable

My mother was a truly great woman, and I loved her so much & I miss her each & every day.  She was a sweet woman who enjoyed reading & spending time with her family. She had a few simple pleasures that she really enjoyed. She loved to spend time by the fire studying &… Read More

I don’t really understand this

I was so happy to start looking for my very first job. Currently I am a sophomore in college. My parents wouldn’t let me do any outside work until I could prove myself with solid grades first. Fortunately after a year and a half with straight As, they finally gave me the go ahead. My… Read More

The stove is burning nicely

I have pretty fantastic luck when it comes to AirBnBs. I am certainly one of the early believers. The two of us started using this type of rental directly after it started to come out. I just loved the system of staying in different and unique places each time every one of us travelled. I… Read More

I’m very comfortable right now

All seven of us wanted to do something particularly special for my parents fiftieth wedding celebration! Honestly, with seven children in the family, four of them married and three are divorced. How my parents made marriage work out as well as they did, for as long as they did, is beyond all of us youngsters!… Read More

I’m fine with the cooling unit

I didn’t actually think much of it when I hit my forty-eighth birthday this year. After all, that is way too young to be thinking about menopause. I mean, aging can be a frequent discussion topic as I grow closer to fifty, but menopause? Well, my denial was genuinely apparent when I started dealing with… Read More

The heat wave hit me like a ton of bricks

When I find something that I genuinely enjoy like a steakhouse or bar, I stick to it. I continue going to that places over any others. My motto is “why repair what’s not broken?” My favorite restaurant is a family owned Italian place. Anytime I have family or friends visiting from out of town I… Read More

I am not used to this

I don’t want to admit it to people, but I am a penny pincher. I don’t particularly feel people calling me “cheap” is accurate. I prefer to see myself as someone who is financially thoughtful. I do not care for wasting cash on unnecessary things like wasted water and electricity. My boyfriend drives me crazy… Read More

We’ve had enough

When you listen to stories about menopause, you hear that people think it is worse than death for a woman. You hear that you have not experienced misery until you enter the world of menopause. Well, I told people off right and left that it was silly. It sounded as though people were just being… Read More

I knew the operation was key

I live in an older beach house building in the city, which is a large risk in this city. But, the rent was reasonable, as well as that is a very difficult find in the area these years! Our area of the neighborhood used to be great without any standard air conditioner. We have a… Read More