Husband called the local HVAC provider

When we purchased our home, my husband was overjoyed about the additional separate garage and office space located on our property.  It was the perfect place to set up a workshop and his own man cave. He decked out the garage with workbenches and all his tools, and then decked out the office with a… Read More

Air conditioning making sure it was all good

I have a medical condition that makes me light headed in the heat; especially when standing in the heat. My heart beats real fast and I get dizzy. I was having these symptoms after running all over town with my mother-in-law looking at side-walk sales. She was having a great time and I didn’t want… Read More

Busted A/C in my flower shop

I’ve been working at my parent’s flower shop since I was in middle school. At first, my parents had me help out at the shop for the sake of teaching me how to balance work, school and personal life, but they started paying me for my hours on the clock when I was in high… Read More

Building a small air conditioner for my senior project

Being a mechanical engineer is hard work. It’s not physically challenging like manual labor can be, but it requires far more thought than most occupations. While the work can be mentally demanding, the payoff is often worth the struggle, and you realize the applications of your work go beyond your projects! For example, we were… Read More

Part of the air conditioning

An old friend of my wife was in town last month and requested to stay with us. Of course my wife was more than happy to have her on board but I was not so sure. By the end of her stay, I think she had agreed with me that it was not the best… Read More

Local HVAC companies

I’ve decided recently that I need to do some renovations around the home.  My wife has been giving me a lot of grief over the various issues she’s come across with appliances and the living situation we currently live in.  So some home renovations will allow me to both appease my wife as well as… Read More

Furnace drying out the air quality

Summers are short up north. We have a few hot weeks where we might need to run a fan or an air conditioner depending on how well our homes are insulated, but really, we only depend on an air conditioner for a very short period of time. What we get up north is winter. A… Read More

Dad believed the a/c causing it to go higher

Growing up, we lived in the northern states where there are really only a couple months that require some method of air conditioning. Sometimes it wasn’t even a couple months; sometimes it was only a couple weeks! Whether it was an HVAC system, a window air condition unit, a stand up fan, or a window… Read More

Repair the air conditioner on the car

The last time I tried to repair my air conditioner in my car, I nearly had a rage fit. It was the middle of summer and I needed to drive a few hours to my parent’s house for a holiday get together. I called a serviceman after toiling away for nearly an hour, but the… Read More