Mom needs a ductless heater

Our mother is not well plus she’s getting up there in her age.  She’s been living alone for a few years. But now it is time to change that. After several discussions with various members of our family, we’ve decided to enclose our garage for our Mom, so that she has her own family room… Read More

Scheduling a good HVAC repair

The HVAC companies are finally working 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week.Snow will likely affect most of the eastern side of the country with yet another storm going through.  It definitely won’t be like the first days of Springtime to any of the folks living in the path of this latest storm,… Read More

The furnace just can’t be fixed

This is going to sound unusual to you, but my great aunt thinks that his home is haunted! She lives in a practically ancient Victorian mansion that is a couple of hundred years old. It’s one of those dollhouse-looking houses — you know, the ones with the scrollwork and the gingerbread trim on the turrets… Read More

When there is no HVAC at the gym

I have been a member of a gym for a long time. One of the things that I both love and hate about our gym is its lack of a/c. In a way, it’s fine because you go to the gym to sweat your butt off, not relax in the a/c. On the other hand,… Read More

I am going to rest

The other day, I was called for jury duty. I was really hoping that I wouldn’t actually have to go in, but sure enough my number was called. So I went into the court and everyone had to wait in this waiting area. It was really terrible because it was so hot inside of the… Read More

Forced air gas furnace in the house

I grew up in a house that had a forced air gas furnace.  This furnace pumped hot dry air all through the house. We loved to rub our stocking feet on the floor and then touch someone which would cause quite a shock.  I would do this to my brother often and he really hated… Read More

Caved and turned on the boiler

My wife and I bought a great ranch home in our northeastern part of the country.  We felt we had gotten a great deal on the house and hoped to live there for many years.  We moved into the home in early fall and did not even need to turn on the furnace for several… Read More

Nail Salon

Every week, a few of my coworkers and I run to our favorite nail salon on our lunch breaks.  This is a weekly activity that we all look forward to. We go to the same nail salon because the staff is friendly, the wait is never long, and their work is beautiful. I look forward… Read More

Favorite Season

Is there a better time of year than wintertime? I highly doubt that.  Winter is, hands down, the best season. It has the best holidays, activities, and weather.  Many others will disagree with me, but I will support my opinion until my last breath. First of all, Christmas falls during winter.  This holiday is about… Read More

Uhm oops….

The other morning I turned on the heat and went about my business making breakfast for my husband and kids and then their lunches.  After they had all left for the day I noticed that the house still felt chilly so I figured that I simply just forgot to turn the heat on that morning,… Read More