Lack of heating at our banquet

Have you ever stayed a few days in a hotel where the indoor air quality was really poor? I have! Last fall, I went up to this convention with about one hundred other ladies from the workplace.  It was supposed to be a fun, team-building getaway, you can guess the type – fun brunches, karaoke,… Read More

My friend is great about HVAC

You just never can assume what people are going to end up working for a living! For instance, take my cousin Tommy who always said he was going to be a mechanic and he then even went to school for it.  But he has loved entirely working on his cars and motorcycles from the very… Read More

Flying and the HVAC tech

My Dad went into the air force, after he graduated from the military academy… While he was in the air force, he became a pilot and flew many unusual types of planes. He flew helicopters, bomber jets, plus even commercial planes. Flying became his dream, plus he started to buy old beat up planes. He… Read More

The window a/c in the kid’s room

When I was a child I got stuck housing the residential air conditioner system… My parents had a single window air conditioner machine, and the air conditioner was used to cool the entire residence. The residence was not absolutely big plus the AC machine was quite powerful… Unfortunately my little room was centrally located in… Read More

Upgrading our air conditioner equipment

I had never given too much thought to what an air freshener can do for a vehicle.  To me, the air freshener was pretty much something that hung on the rear view mirror in addition to made the air smell cleaner.  I couldn’t breathe when I got into a motorcar with an air freshener equipped…. Read More

Air cleaner add on with the a/c

As much as I prefer my family, I almost hate when I know I need to go up to visit.  Their residence regularly stinks of cigarette smoke plus all sorts of critters. Once I’m there, I care about the visit, however it is the trip home that gets to me.  My skin begins to itch… Read More

Want the a/c in the house

When people tend to think of sizable costs associated with owning or buying a residence, they usually think of specific things: the roof as well as the Heating as well as Air Conditioning machine. It is actually true that both of these items can be especially overpriced, as well as it is also true that… Read More

A grand event cooling system

Have you ever held a task position where you were in charge of planning events? I currently work at an association, as well as one of the crucial parts of my duties is to plan various events of various sizes and costs. There is one major event every year, as well as it is held… Read More

Getting rid of all that ductwork

My brother just got a enjoyable deal on a 50-year-old house.  It has more than two dining rooms & four bathrooms with over 3000 square feet, & my brother got it for only $120,000.  It’s a enjoyable thing that his idea was to remodel the house all along because the first time the two of… Read More

The air conditioner’s weird aroma

I have been a huge fan of candles since I was a youngster.  My mother used to collect them in a drawer in the den & would burn all kinds of scents depending on the season & time of the year.  The ones I liked best were the apple cinnamon candles in Fall & the… Read More