A good cooling option

A couple years ago, my central A/C malfunctioned and was not worth repairing.  The HVAC system was over fifteen years old, and no longer keeping up with demand.  The cooling component was noisy, cost a tremendous amount to run, and my home often felt a bit overheated and humid.  When it came time to upgrade… Read More

traveling and the a/c situation

The other afternoon, I believe, I was watching this documentary about these women traveling through many difficult countries in The Middle East. The women were basically there for the entire cultural experience in addition to would attempt to make conversation with many people in addition to learn about and interview people. They would find translators… Read More

Heating and cooling by a remote

Something that our favorite wifey in addition to I easily prefer is binge-watching many TV shows. The two of us really like to watch shows on Netflix, Hulu, in addition to Amazon Prime. There’s nothing we find better than snuggling up together on the couch in addition to picking TV shows in addition to excellent… Read More

Big time scam about HVAC

Have you ever been scammed in your life? I have unfortunately. It wasn’t all that long ago when I received a call from some supposed current “Heating and Air Conditioning business”. I entirely should have asked more targeted questions to these people but I was amazed with the deal they were pitching to me. They… Read More

HVAC really needs some help

I’ve done quite a bit of special DIY projects around my beach house and some friends were telling me recently that I should take pictures and videos to show to others online. I thought that was a pretty nice plan so I decided to get a nice camera for my projects. I was ecstatic when… Read More

New a/c came with it

I lived in an apartment for most of my life and I really didn’t like it at all.  When I was old enough to buy a house, that is just what I did. I bought a small two story house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a fenced in backyard.  I felt like I was… Read More

Poor HVAC reeks

I have a very keen sense of smell.  I remember being very upset when I could smell something off, and I didn’t know where it came from.  My dad used to joke that I was his human blood hound. Because of my sensitivities, I try not to go anywhere that there is a portapotty, a… Read More

Heating and cooling on the golf course

I love playing golf now that I retired.  I was laughing when I was golfing the other morning and a couple of guys were complaining how boring retirement was.  I grabbed a cold beer and I sat down. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why anyone would complain about retiring.  I have… Read More

Need at least some a/c around

My wife and I found that we were becoming bored.  Things just weren’t meshing anymore and we had become lax with what we were doing together.  All of the preparations and work we did together, just didn’t mesh any longer, and we began to look for other interests in our life.  She came one day… Read More