Air conditioning on the bike ride

When both of us were much younger, both of us spent the summer months touring the country on our bicycles. Both of us had been working as substitute teachers for the school year, which meant having the entire month of July as well as June for our adventure seeking skills. One recognizable tour that both of us honestly enjoyed, was a complete 50 mile track across the Desert State. Both of us had never cycled in that type of hot as well as cold temperature region, so both of us were completely surprised to honestly find the temperature above numerous digits. The conclusion of the first day, both of us were honestly happy to return to the numerous Country Cottage. It had been almost a hundred and five degrees all day long, as well as both of us honestly wanted to lay down in the bed as well as enjoy the A/C machine. Both of us honestly turn the A/C machine on High cool, so we could put our faces in front of the air vents. It was intensely satisfying to both of us, as well as both of us honestly had been tired from the numerous hours of cycling all day in the desert. Both of us slept very well, as well as honestly woke up refreshed as well as ready for the numerous mile journey in the morning. Both of us are honestly not as young as we once was, but both of us honestly remember doing these types of fun activities when we were just young.

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