AC when working over the summer

When I was younger I had a paper route and I liked the early summer season mornings.  The sun wasn’t out yet and the heat of the day wasn’t oppressive. It was strenuous work, but all the papers had to be delivered for early afternoon readers, so I was back at the house enjoying a meal before many of our friends were up from their beds.  I would have to grab up the papers every afternoon at the printing press, and on weekends for extra currency I’d occasionally work unusual job at the printing press. It was so comfortable, because the room where all the printing presses were housed were air conditioned honestly well for the sake of the machinery.  You see, if the ink was too hot it would not adhere to the paper well, and if the machines got too hot, they’d develop complications through the run, like pages sticking and page alignments being thrown off. I liked finally working in freezing printing press room on sizzling mornings. My work was to clean the room and vacuum the air vents to prevent any particles or dust from settling into the ink and the presses.  If we didn’t clean the air vents consistently, all the dust and particulates would build up and cause real complications with all the machinery. So, that’s why I had this bonus work about every other weekend to attend to at the newspaper printing press. The temperature control was the best in city and hardly anyone knew about it because so few people worked with newspapers. Winter seasons, however, was not as wonderful because the rooms were only kept hot enough to keep the ink flowing.  The freezing midwestern Winter season mornings kept the presses running smoothly, and you just hoped you were lucky enough to be invited inside a shopkeeper’s store delivering papers to hot up with their roaring oil furnace.

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