A space heater can help your energy bills!

It’s always such a challenge for me to get through the winter here without suffering greatly at the hands of the seasonal temperatures. I used to live in the south, where the coldest day of the winter was in the high 20’s at worst. Up here in the north, single-digit temperatures are a common occurrence during the winter, so I have no choice but to suit up in several layers of warm clothing just to make it through the day. The night is even worse, as my home’s base heating system isn’t enough to keep me warm! I recently decided to do something about my inability to sleep from how cold it gets at night, so I bought two things that would help me warm up and get some proper sleep. First, I invested in an electric space heater that I could keep in my room while I slept. This portable space heater had a built in safety feature that would automatically shut the heater off when it was too hot, so I didn’t have to worry about falling asleep as this portable space heater suddenly caused something in my room to catch fire. The other piece of the puzzle was a portable humidifier, which was a critical tool for helping me warm up. Since humidity makes the temperature feel warmer or cooler than it really is, using the humidifier alongside the portable space heater makes it so that I don’t have to run the space heater at max output. Plus, not running the space heater at the hottest possible settings means I don’t have to worry about the house drying out. You do what you have to do to get through the harsh weather!