A restaurant without AC.

My wife and I did not go out to eat often but when we did it would be to a nice place where we could have a food meal in comfort.  A few weeks ago we made reservations at one of our favorite places and looked forward to a nice glass of wine and a delicious meal.  As we arrived at the restaurant we immediately noticed that it was not cool on the inside. They had the front door open and several large fans blowing the warm air around.  The hostess explained that their air conditioning unit had failed and that the HVAC service company was on their way. We had looked forward to this night and loved the food at this restaurant so we decided to stay.  Shortly after we were seated I saw the HVAC truck pull up in front of the restaurant. It was uncomfortable in the restaurant and we could hear people complaining at nearby tables. My wife and I were not big complainers so we just buckled down and tried to enjoy ourselves.  We decided to order a pitcher of sangria as it was cool and refreshing and would take our minds off the lack of air conditioning. Just as our food arrived, we suddenly noticed some cool air flowing from the air duct near our table. It took a while to cool the whole place down but before long the whole restaurant was cool and comfortable and those loud fans were turned off and removed. The manager came by our table and offered us free dessert for our inconvenience.  We ordered the Key Lime pie which was the perfect ending to our meal.

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