A bad heater

For most of my life, I have have some peculiar sleeping habits. They are nuts to most people, I assume, but to me, it’s just a habit to get a good night’s rest. Admittedly, I always have to read before I go to bed. It doesn’t seem to matter what I read, just so long as I am flipping through something. I may be reading a good book or an online article from my phone, but whatever I am reading helps get me to sleep. I suppose that is not too nuts, at least not compared to the other habit that helps me get rest. No matter the weather, I need my room to be nice and cold in order for me to go away with Morpheus. I blast two box fans on either side of my bed, and it does the job. I always set the thermostat pretty low in the summertime. Despite that, in the winter, I find that I don’t have to do much of anything with the heating and air system to ensure that my room is cold. Ultimately, I barely use heat in the winter. On the winteriest of nights, I might break out the space heater for some warmth. Typically, the little bit of heat that I get from it is good for me. If you guessed that I still use those two big box fans, even when I have a space heater in my room, you’re quite right. I warned you that I had nutty sleeping habits, after all!

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