A bad heater element

Very soon, we will be moving out into a different house in another part of the country. It is super awesome, but also a bit rough because we have lived in this old house for so very long. Our kids were born and raised in this memorable house, so they honestly do not wish to leave. It was not all fantastic, that is for sure. For example, a few years ago, when the boiler decided to break down in the middle of the winter, we had to wait patiently through three long days and nights in the middle of the merciless and unforgiving winter before an HVAC guy could manage to drive his van out through the snowstorm and fix it for me. Or the other time during the winter when we absentmindedly turned on the air cooling system in place of the heating, causing us to breathe condensation inside of the house. Looking back on it now, we see those disasters as good memories, and my family and I are wondering if we will make some new ones in our new dwelling. Our new place isn’t yet dear to us, but I am sure that we will spend enough time there to make awesome memories. I just hope that in this residence we don’t have any more pressing problems with the heating. I have spent buckets of money buying the house in the first place; I don’t want to spend more!