At night heater repair

When my oil furnace malfunctioned, I had a hard time getting it fixed.  The weather had abruptly turned colder, and pretty much everyone was starting up their central heater systems for the first time.  The local heating and air conditioning suppliers were overrun with repair calls. I was forced to wait nearly a month for… Read More

buggy a/c unit

I have a real problem with all types of bugs.  I dislike spiders, centipedes and cockroaches, and am disgusted by silver fish.  I am conscientious about vacuuming, dusting and overall cleaning of the beach home.  I regularly spray the outdoor and indoor perimeter with pesticide. After some research, I’ve figured out that insects thrive in… Read More

A dream of HVAC

Ever since I was a young teen residing in an aged and broken down beach house in the north with my mom, I have wanted to have radiant heater floors in the house. Then my best friend who lived across the street had them at his house. They were so moderate and comfortable I would… Read More

The newer HVAC component

Occasionally it is just best to be kind, plus a bit lucky. My fiance plus I have never been a rich couple per say, though every one of us have always been nice plus generous to all the people that every one of us come by… Last week, my fiance and I were out for… Read More

We have an old HVAC unit

One of the worst heat waves to ever hit the region has rolled into town. My boyfriend and I live in the south, where the Summer heat is consistently pretty hard to deal with, however this is an unusual monster! You can’t even go outside to let the pet out without start to drip with… Read More

HVAC in the city

I am so tired of this everyday commute in the big city… I absolutely prefered the afternoons back when I could drive to my workplace and take my time, However living in the city, it is literally the opposite. I have to sit around in sizzling and humid buses with zero to no air conditioner…. Read More

Energy wasted

I am lucky enough to handle my entire workload from my house.  I no longer need to set an alarm, dress for the office, and drive over icy roads to report at a specific time.  I follow my own schedule, and always get to wear sweatpants and T-shirts. I now get paid by the project,… Read More

The ductless mini split

I have a local building where I run a real estate company.  The first floor of the building is divided in several offices, with a shared conference room.  The minute floor is an beach house which I rent out for a little extra income. Because of the the uncommon requirements of each of these spaces,… Read More

Glad the house has a radiant heater

My husband and I recently moved into a bigger and more modern home a little further from the city.  Living in the northern section of the country, the heating plan in the up-to-date home was a top priority.  The two of us are totally thankful to have radiant floor heating installed throughout the house. I… Read More

Should have checked out our heater

This past year, the Winter time weather set in much earlier than in the past. We transitioned straight from summer time to winter, with no fall season in-between.  One day, the outside temperature was in the eighties, with the tepid sun and high humidity. The very next day, I needed to start up the gas… Read More