My home feels awesome

Over the years I have traveled to many far off lands, and visited with a great many wonderful people from different cultures. I have found that I love the native cuisine of certain parts of the world, and strongly dislike others. Some countries have warm, loving people that treat outsiders like family, and other countries… Read More

This is a fantastic air conditioner

If I had my way, I would be spending every afternoon sitting by the side of my private pool. I would eat snacks and get a tan and lounge away the day. But of course none of that is true, I don’t have a private pool, I don’t have any sort of a tan at… Read More

I put a lot of work in

One day I want to own a smart house. Have you heard about these things? It’s a house that has been specifically constructed to be entirely computer controlled. Every door, window, and electronic device in the house can be operated simply with voice commands, and every room has been outfitted with sensors so you can… Read More

HVAC inside the art gallery

I didn’t intend to become an art collector, I sort of stumbled into it. And now I really wish I hadn’t taken that stumble! It has brought some real beauty and artistic joy into my life, yes, but it’s also a big fat hassle where I have to spend time with pretentious people and also… Read More

Renting a home

I live in the northern part of the country, and our winter seasons are typically long and brutal.  We endure subzero temperatures, piles of snow, and freezing wind.  I absolutely detest the cold weather.  Every year, around January, I take a long vacation to someplace warm and sunny.  I get away from the snow and… Read More

This duplex is great

I’m rehabbing a duplex for a couple that found my contractor services online.  We spoke extensively and I gave them my resume.  I’ve been remodeling for a couple of decades now and I have 12 guys who regularly work with me on the remodels.  When we remodel a property, we take and get rid of… Read More

I’ve never handled death correctly

I recently started a new job working with a local florist arranging and cutting flowers for sale.  One day last week, I opened the store for my manager who had an early morning appointment to go to before work.  So here it is, my first day opening the store, and I fumble with the keys… Read More

We are lacking maintenance

I never have much cared about why things work or why they don’t.   I just turn on a machine to use it and it works.  Of course, there’s always the possibility of a kink in that plan. My air conditioner turns on when I need it to.  I perform absolutely no maintenance and it’s been… Read More

Should I propose?

I’ll have to confess, I have never been very good at regular maintenance.  Not of anything.  I usually just keep with something until I can’t use it anymore or it just breaks on me.  That is probably not the smartest method of operation, but its my method.  It has been, that is until now, a… Read More

Looking for storage

My dad was a bookworm and so was our mother.  Our mother was a librarian for several years, so she was very comfortable in any air conditioned, book-loving environment.  He loved books as much as any child or professor does.  I remember he would read to us for hours on end. We’d sit around the… Read More