The smallest HVAC system and how it works

Our daughter is a college student and lives in the dorms on campus. Based on her grades, I’m not positive she is getting an education, but she is enjoying her freedom. She loves that she has no curfew, but as a freshman she needs to live in the dorms and can’t have a car. This… Read More

Adding humidity back to the air

Being aware new parents, we are always noticing any changes in our son. Like most of us, we film every little event and share it on social media. After all, our son is truly wonderful. I was looking through photos on my phone the other day and began to notice a change in his skin…. Read More

I really want my home to be more comfortable

I am hoping to save extra cash this Winter. I must pay a fortune in heating bills throughout the cold seasons. I try to never run my gas fireplace whenever I can. I think the fireplace is the least efficient heating system ever. That is a forced air heater. The heating system turns itself completely… Read More

We’re looking for a new A/C unit

Ductwork is the worst choice when it comes to cooling. Ductwork offers countless cons, and it’s hard to list any pros for. There are so many challenges with regard to installing air ducts. The difficulty of ductwork installation consequently means that older homes can’t accept it. In many cases, structural issues arise as soon as… Read More

I’m happy about my heater

Ever since I was a little girl and watched Gone with the Wind for the first time, I have wanted an historic, beautiful home in the South. Finally, my wish came true, when I was able to purchase a late 1800’s Victorian style manor. It had been mostly cared for and restored in the 1980’s,… Read More

Air conditioned homes and how it works

About a year ago, I made the mistake of upgrading to a new HVAC system. I spent more money to get the smart technology package. The new HVAC system was to make my life easier, my home comfortable, and also save money. The furnace and air conditioner automatically adapt speed to the demand on the… Read More

I have the air conditioner set very high

I finally figured out why my eyes have been hurting. For days now my eyes have been completely red, watery and itchy. It seems like I do drugs all day inside my house and then go to my work. Also I had been sneezing often. I thought maybe I had a messed up cold or… Read More

Making sure my HVAC unit is more durable

Most HVAC units come with some type of filter. The heating system provides a furnace filter and the air conditioner provides an air filter. Did you know that even a heat pump comes with a air conditioning filter? Typically, the HVAC unit carries a filter to keep the air quality clean. The filter stops dust… Read More

This is the right system

Not long ago I purchased a larger building which was once used as commercial office space. The building had been abandoned for a long time, and it was my intention to renovate and turn it into multiple apartments. The building is situated in a great spot that is accessible to shopping, restaurants and nightlife. I… Read More

I love my dehumidifier

I spent the main thirty years of my lifestyle living in the northern area of the country. I was accustomed to sub zero temperatures for almost all the year. I ran my furnace for approximately eight straight months, spent a lot of money on my monthly energy fees, and dealt with excessive levels of snow…. Read More