The home heater device

I entirely hate the cold Wintertime season.  Because of the section of the country where I live, Wintertime is most entirely the longest season of them all.  The outside temps respectfully turn chilly sometime in late July, and the chilly weather lasts until the middle of March.  We suffer through brutal temperatures well below zero,… Read More

Humid air mixed with the furnace

I live in an extreme northern area of our country, and the weather is horribly cold.  The Wintertime season is entirely our most pressing priority, and it lasts for the majority of the year.  We experience record snowfall, brutal wind chills, and below arctic temperatures.  At times, the outside temperature drops well below zero, and… Read More

Indoor air conditions for my allergies

For my entire life, I have suffered from grave concerns with flu symptoms.  I am allergic to every type of plant, pet and insect.  I get violently sick every Springtime because of the high pollen count.  I assume even worse during the summertime months because of freshly mowed grass and excessive humidity.  I don’t find… Read More

Opening windows and running HVAC

  When I moved in with my best girl Shania, I was expecting to save quite a bit of money.  The two of us were planning to break the rent, utilities and living expenses.  Since every one of us were both trying to pay off some high student loans and living off a thin budget,… Read More

Getting a huge HVAC job

I learned in an article in the local newspaper about a town hall meeting here in the city.  The article went on to inform the reader that the leaders of the neighborhood have all approved a multi-million dollar HVAC contract for totally new HVAC units for the public elementary, middle plus high schools.  I live… Read More

Working with the a/c on high

I’m always cold in our office at work.  I just can’t get used to the drastic cold of the a/c.  Even when I situate our desk away from the HVAC vents, the constant stream of ice-cold air continues to find me.  I’ve searched this office for a warmer area for our desk, or just an… Read More

Able to get the HVAC scheduled

Many times, I can be a very forgetful guy. I never mean to be, but I typically try our best to remember everything, but it just never seems to job for me. I used to be able to remember all kinds of things, useless information, but now I am lucky if I remember what day… Read More

I adore my HVAC work

I work as an HVAC tech, I honestly really like my work.  I prefer that I don’t have to put on a suit as well as tie every morning, I prefer that I am not stuck at a desk all day working, I prefer that I am not having to attend corporate meetings, I as… Read More

Heated floors

Ever since I was a young girl, I have always been interested in home improvement and interior decorating. My dad worked for an HVAC company for many years, and he always used to tell me stories about his different HVAC problems that he had dealt with during the day. My favorite ones were about rescuing… Read More

Basketball game

Last week, my brother had a basketball game at a gym across town. After my husband got off work, we ate quickly and headed that way. I had plugged the directions to the high school in my GPS, and we arrived just a few minutes after tip-off. Unfortunately, we had gone to the wrong school…. Read More