Still could adjust the climate control

During the last week of school, my youngster had a field trip planned with his class.  The weather during this month had been moderate plus drizzly. The temperatures almost felt similar to early Spring.  The two of us weren’t required to turn on the cooling system in our new abode much during this time, plus… Read More

Want to keep the HVAC going

Since my grandfather retired 2 years ago, he has undertaken many things to fill his time.  He purchased a truck that reminded him of the first truck he got as a young man and restored the entire thing.  It took him numerous weeks even though I could tell he was loving every moment of it…. Read More

Hoping to get some heating access

My hubby and I decided to let our son Bobby pick what athletic interest he wanted to do! At the time, it seemed like a fantastic idea… He would be the one playing it, plus he was of the right age now to decide. However, I wish I would have influenced Bobby a bit. But… Read More

Air filter clogged with pet fur

My roommate recently got a dog & moved it in with us, but the dog is super cute & has the most charming fur. The fur is several colored too, then it has brown, black andwhite fur all over its body to make it look especially exotic. The negative is that the dog sheds that… Read More

Air conditioner is full of bacateria

Because I failed to have our central cooling system inspected by a professional heating, and A/C contractor, I was unaware that it was leaking condensate.  The cooling system seemed to be operating just fine. I had not realized that my hubby and I had both made adjustments to the thermostat. The cooling system was unquestionably… Read More

Sealing a home tight and air quality

Because of the severe weather in the region where I live, I need to keep my home tightly sealed.  Whether the outside temperature is ninety degrees or well below fifteen, I can’t allow the outside air to get inside.  I need to prevent my heated or cooled air from escaping. I’ve gone to great lengths… Read More

HVAC and it is crammed with dust

It’s a charming time of year when the snow is finally gone for the year in the northwest… The lawn starts to turn lush and green.  I love when the flowers begin to come out of the flower beds in addition to the birds gather to eat seed from the birdfeeders. One thing that also… Read More

Historical home and HVAC equipment

I have lived in my rural cabin with my wifey for 50 years; It’s an over a century old cabin and we appreciate the character and charm of its wooden floors, wrap-around porch, and country kitchen.  Neither of us will ever sell it, even though it’s a bit massive for just the two of us… Read More

The climate is making HVAC settings rough

Everyday the weather in my town offers something new! This month has been the worst with the  greatest swing in hot to cold temperatures weekly. During this past month, I have worked outside in my favorite bikini top and small shorts got sunburned and had to crank my AC up that night.  Now it’s the… Read More

The smart thermostat was hard to work

My sibling Kevin has all the newest technology in his home inside and out. He has a brand new inground pool with blue marble surrounding it. He has all new wood flooring, stainless steel appliances and her home is a smart house. Since her place is so great, I signed up to stay there for… Read More