We have to go buy a dehumidifier

I live in a bog area. Most of our property sports wet puddles and muddy patches and the rest is grass that is covered with water.  The bog creates many problems, one of which is the intense humidity. The air is always heavy and wet and it feels hot. I have a big, heavy duty… Read More

The moisture levels are horrible

I live in a quagmire. Most of the ground has water resting on it. There are puddles and mud bogs everywhere. The swamp is ugly, messy, and it is the pits when it comes to humidity. The air is always damp and it feels hotter than it is.  I have the best, and possibly the… Read More

Wet and moldy air quality

I live in a swamp type of area. Most of my lawn has a layer of water over it. It is wet puddles and mud everywhere. The swamp makes tons of mess and is horrible on humidity. The air constantly feels too wet and makes me feel hot. Because of that, I have a large… Read More

I’m very excited to fix this system

Over the past five years, I have been working as a Heating, Ventilation & A/C installer. I like my work and I care about working with Heating, Ventilation & A/C equipment, & I like knowing that I am helping people be comfortable. A few months ago, I worked for a man who is making me… Read More

This handyman is a great guy

I have been working for a HVAC supplier for the last three years now.  I started the job as a dare, but I’ve come to love the fact that I am helping people be comfortable.  Sometimes, they seem surprised to see a woman, but that passes when they see I know what I’m doing.  A… Read More

Reconnecting my thermostat

For the past five years, I’ve been employed by the Heating and Air Conditioning Corp. as an installer and repairman.  I really enjoy doing my job. I find that working with Heating and Air Conditioning equipment is interesting and I like the idea of having the ability to help people be comfortable. Not too long… Read More

This handyman is a very nice guy

I have been working as a HVAC installer and repair person for about three years now. Mostly, I love my job, and I find it feels good knowing that I am helping people and giving them comfort.  About three months ago I  met someone is causing me to go bonkers.  He may be the best… Read More

The handyman has a crush on me!

For the past few years, I’ve been working as an HVAC contractor. Most of the time, I really enjoy my job. I enjoy working with HVAC hardware and find it gratifying to help keep people comfortable. But a few months ago, I met a woman who is driving me crazy. I think she may be… Read More

This system is pretty fantastic

If you’re a fan of grocery shopping as much as I am, you too may have the same issues as me. Well, medical professionals would think of them as problems anyway. To hardcore shoppers like you and me, this is a passion and also a noble duty to our household and our family. Once each… Read More

I wonder how the thermostat is set

A few months ago, my husband and I had a new central heating and cooling system installed in our home. It was exciting for both of us because we had been living without one for nearly four years. When it got warm outside, we felt like we were roasting indoors, and the feeling had become… Read More