A space heater can help your energy bills!

It’s always such a challenge for me to get through the winter here without suffering greatly at the hands of the seasonal temperatures. I used to live in the south, where the coldest day of the winter was in the high 20’s at worst. Up here in the north, single-digit temperatures are a common occurrence… Read More

A broken air conditioner

I truly cannot stand when I have to drive home from work. Most people look forward to the drive back to their house, but lately I just can’t stomach it. As the clock ticks closer to 5 o’clock, I know that I’m going to be in for a miserable ride home. Why is that, you… Read More

Updating the HVAC equipment

I’ve been using the same rickety old window A/C unit for almost a decade now. I’m impressed that the little motor inside the air conditioning unit is still spinning after all these years, but this little A/C unit is hardly working as well as it did when I first bought it. Since I live in… Read More

The ductwork in our building is a little bit dirty

I’ve worked in dirty, dingy warehouses for the past decade. The work was always physically demanding, but in a way I found it relaxing. Maybe it was due to the simple mental requirements that came with operating heavy machinery or filling out orders for customers, but as long as you expressed some common sense and… Read More

Filtering the air in our house

My wife and I have been pinching pennies over the past year. It’s not easy trying to live on a budget that barely allots enough money to feed us and our two kids, so we make every dollar count. Still, it’s worth it to see our kids smiling and happy every day! Plus, we’ve learned… Read More

A cleaner heating option

Building a house along the northern border of the country, the type of gas furnace was a large decision. I knew my family would be relying on the gas furnace for more than half the year. Our comfort, budget as well as carbon footprint depended on the performance as well as efficiency of the heater…. Read More

The boiler heater for the cold

I live along the northern border of the country, as well as the Wintertide weather hangs around for approximately numerous straight months. By the end of September, the evenings are frigid enough to require the gas furnace. The two of us consistently have several inches of snow at Halloween as well as there’s likely to… Read More

Want to set up a floor heating component

My partner and I have been talking about getting radiant floors in the house. Our boiler idea works superb as a heater, however the two of us kind of love the idea of heated flooring. To make sure the two of us love it and it is worth the expense, the two of us are… Read More

A very temperate heating and air plan

It is a struggle deciding if I am more irritated with my Heating and Air Conditioning contractor or myself, but on a single hand, I was an idiot with buying my heat pump. On the other hand, my Heating and Air Conditioning professional sold myself and others a Heating and Air Conditioning idea that he… Read More

Setting up the ac plan

It is better to call a professional when setting up a cooling system. The professional knows how to do it the right way. The  greatest issue is that a cooling system has a particular amount of refrigerant that goes in it on the initial upgrade. If the amount is wrong on the initial set up,… Read More