Radiant heater while I watch the house

I had my neighbor house sit for me the other month and it went horrible. I did not want to come home to any damage in the home… Well, she must not have realized that I had heated flooring and just did not call me. I came home to my radiant flooring system being up… Read More

A great air conditioner set up

When doing a cooling system installation, it is best to leave it up to the professional… not have a non-pro do it; With a/c, it is pretty hard! If you do something wrong, the cooling system will never work the same again, then refrigerant on the initial cooling installation is key. The Heating, Ventilation, as… Read More

Want a nicer heater install

Ian, my brother is super handy to have around the house. He can do drywall, plumbing as well as any electric work you need done. Anytime I doubt my sibling’s skill around the house, he proves me wrong; Because of this, I regularly call him anytime I need work done; I don’t hire outside the… Read More

Tips on cleaning our air conditioner

When i was wrapping up my degree in school, one assignment was rooted in using PowerPoint and creating a slideshow presentation on how to do something, but every single one of us could choose anything we all wanted, so I chose the process of cleaning your outdoor air condenser! As a heating, ventilation plus air… Read More

Want to service the a/c before i go

Next week i’m going to a huge gaming convention held on the west coast, and the convention center where the event is held constantly has the best air conditioner, then i’ve been to countless gaming conventions in the past, and many of them are held in convention centers that smell and are humid and sticky… Read More

Cleaning our air conditioner

My cooling components are just super disgusting! No matter what I do, the air conditioner is always gross and lots of dust gets into the a/c system all of the time, despite having an air filter that is meant to catch excessive amounts of dust.  I am forced disinfect my system about once a month,… Read More

No heater use during our power outage

The power goes out in my locale all of the time.  The people are consistently messing with the telephone poles and the wiring, and anytime somebody messes with a wire or line, our power is out.  Likewise, if there is a slight windstorm, the power is out; too much snow and the power is out…… Read More

The heated floor type matters

I am debating on buying electric radiant floors now, or saving my currency for hydronic heating.  Coincidentally, both of these devices are radiant floors, one is electric fitted mats under the floorboards while the other utilizes piping within the floors that then hook to a boiler system. Both are effective heating devices in performance, however… Read More

Great a/c tech in the loft

My house has been entirely transformed into a spare bedroom for when both of us have dealer.  The two of us don’t happen to have a control component up there, because the room is barely used, except on major holidays.  It is only for when both of us have parties, then the house is also… Read More

Ideal HVAC service

My wife usually schedules the regular service on our Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. Sometimes she schedules the professional service for the weekend, & other times the two of us settle for a Wednesday or Friday appointment if we have to. My wife called to schedule the Heating & Air Conditioning appointment last week and… Read More