Duct free cooling device

My friends Gene plus Georgey recently obtained a home; the beach house is about 75 years old plus quite large. It is quite attractive both inside plus out, plus the previous owners all throughout the years have taken very nice care of it. One of the owners added on a great addition to the house,… Read More

Heater and a/c set up

I am always looking to help out people whenever possible. It is simply a part of who I am. My church teaches that no matter what the people I was with and I should help our fellow man, plus so I intended to always do my part, however it is not as straight-forward to help… Read More

The moldy a/c system

The heat plus humidity double punch was nothing compared to what I have ever experienced living in the deep south. I had a cooling system but it was pretty aged looking when I first moved in. Normally I don’t use any type of cooling device because I prefer fresh air and the wind (or a… Read More

HVAC specialty

I work for a private school. I have worked as the guidance counselor since the school first opened. It has consistently been a love of mine to help guide young people to their goals. As a student I never really tried in school. I could never grab hold of any one interest. I had a… Read More

Fire hazard with electric heating

I never genuinely considered a need to teach burn safety about heating devices. I thought it was pretty self explanatory. I recently realized that wasn’t the case when it come to the aged. You see I labor away in an assisted living facility by the ocean. I love the job. I love genuinely working with… Read More

Heated floor upgrade

It has taken me several tedious years to get the husband on board with a total condo renovation plan. Both of us bought this fixer upper place right after marriage…sigh. The plan was to gradually get things done each year. But, he started a high paying job right after both of us moved in that… Read More

HVAC equipment in my small home

It is my goal to be living in a tiny house by the end of the year. After I learned about these and how efficient they can be, I realized that a tiny home was perfect for the lifestyle that I want. I want to ensure that my tiny home uses only renewable energy, so… Read More

Our house heater equipment

I just purchased my first home. It’s a one-bedroom place, and it’s located in the Pacific Northwest. I love living and being here, and I’m excited to finally be settling in the area. The only problem that I have with the place has to do with the HVAC unit. It has a rather old heating… Read More

Wanting zone control heating

I actually live in the northeastern space of the country, plus the Winter season weather is entirely extreme.  Our Winter seasons often last for many months plus the outside temperature is most often below freezing.  Sometimes, the outside temperature dips to twenty below zero plus the windchill makes it feel a great deal colder.  It… Read More

Hoping to change over to a boiler

I really wish I could tear out the forced air oil furnace from my dwelling in addition to replace it with a boiler system.  I realize that this would be a huge project in addition to cost a tremendous amount of money overall.  Now that I have a forced air heating appliance in my dwelling,… Read More