Really-there was no a/c

I used to spend my summers working in an eating establishment when I was off from classes at the local university. It was in this little fish shack close to the beach that was only open in the summertime. It was the perfect job for someone who was going to college. I loved that job… Read More

A nicer worker heater and a/c device

There are regularly pressing tasks that need to be performed at our Methodist Church. Recently, I was asked to order some up-to-date pews for the Congressional area. It happened to be a regularly wonderful day during the month of May, and the people I spend time with and myself were trying to get downtown before… Read More

Northern heating and air

I really don’t have much need for Neighbors, especially ever since I was living in an apartment. The people I was with and myself were eager to easily entertain our friends, especially after we moved in. The people and myself went to the arena to move furniture from the residing living area. My friend told… Read More

Hate the gym’s air conditions control

When my wife plus I moved to another state, I had to look around for a new gym for me to go to in that area. Fitness has constantly been unquestionably important to me plus I took the task of seeking out a new gym unquestionably seriously! After looking around for just about a week,… Read More

Taking the room with the best a/c

Having a room in the basement is absolutely awesome in my own opinion. It’s sort of similar to having your own place. There are no locations where your siblings can just barge inside of your room. There is also no sunshine radiating in from the windows to wake me up at early hours of the… Read More

The apartment HVAC costs are lower

There are plenty of benefits that come with living in an apartment, from not having to cut the turf to having access to a fairly nice complex gym as well as pet park… I have been living in an apartment specifically for these conveniences, as well as because I am not ready to purchase a… Read More

Do I still want to use the furnace?

For just about as long as I can remember, I have been using an oil furnace to heat my residence. I get a lot of use out of it during the Winter, since it is especially freezing where I live. However, over the past few Winters, I have been entirely unsatisfied with how my oil… Read More

Ductless heating and air in the home

Who would have dreamed that technology would have come so unquestionably far? Just think back to the days before the smartphone was invented – or even a cell phone, for that matter! How did people ever communicate and stay in touch? These days, every man, woman and child has a smartphone, and a social media… Read More

Deciding on what to do with the HVAC

For years I have had a fantastic assistant, named Betty. While my two younger children have grown up with her and regard her as family, we see Miss Betty as a mother, helper, cook, consoler, and more! The one complication I have encountered with her has been quite recent though, and it has to do… Read More

The case for little green men

It seems these days that science and technology are making constant leaps and bounds with advancing technology. We are no doubt in a technical revolution that has been unmatched in history. From smartphones to advancements in artificial intelligence and energy conservation, the technology race has created an ever-increasing environment. A decade ago launches, into space… Read More