Nobody wants broken HVAC

Tuesday afternoons were constantly hardest parts of week for me. Work was fun, however the weekend was much better! I couldn’t wait to finish up our work & head lake home for a wonderful time, then this weekend I wanted to some sailing with my best friend and couldn’t wait! When I got lake home… Read More

Lazy by the cooling

Last Wednesday, our family had large plans to go to the beach for an afternoon of relaxation. We all had packed our bags, loaded the car with beach stuff, plus made a nice picnic supper to enjoy. The people I was with and I were set to have a blast! I made sure to adjust… Read More

Needed the furnace fixed

I recently decided to take a close look at my lifestyle plus make some changes. I did a full inventory n my diet, plus other aspects of my physical, mental, plus emotional well being. It was a draining process, but I discovered a lot about myself and the things that I eeded to change, one… Read More

Furnace for Thanksgiving

I really love the holiday season so much! Soon it would be Thanksgiving, and with that event comes things love turkey, stuffing, family togetherness, and chilly cold weather. My family and I live in a relatively cold area of the northern area of the country, so sometimes we get a lot of snow around early… Read More

Heating for a warehouse

Recently, I suffered a minor financial setback. I have been a corporation owner for the past more than one decades, plus I have seen my tolerable share of financial difficulties. However, my most recent difficulty was in the realm of Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plan updatement. I own shares in a shipping corporation, and a… Read More

A/C rate too high

Lunch was getting closer and I was absolutely dreading it. You may find it really unusual that I dread this break, although I am not alone in our dread. Don’t get me wrong, however i prefer a split from work as much as the next person, then the reason a lot of people don’t prefer… Read More

Energy efficient HVAC

Because I live in the far north of the country, I have a dual fuel method installed in my home.  I am forced to utilize some type of heating unit from mid September until sometime in early summer, and the cost is quite extensive.  The dual fuel method combines a natural gas heating system with… Read More

Love the air vents

I picked the perfect spot in my whole home, to be my living room. My work office is located right in the center of the house, and the fireplace is located inside that room. The best part about the location, is the fact that this room happens to have more than 2 air conditioning system… Read More

Lack of cooling for this company

This day, as I was driving to my work, I noticed that I was driving next to a van that was advertising a great local Heating and Air Conditioning corporation, i had heard of the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier numerous times before, and a single of my friends actually used them to get her… Read More

Teeth cleaning and a/c

When I was a great child, I easily despised going to the doctor. Nothing filled myself and others with simply more horror than seeing a doctor appointment on the calendar, but for some reason, my mom always set my simple cleaning appointments for the end of July, right before my actual anniversary, in addition to… Read More