How I can I repair the heater?

If you hear something go bump at night, don’t always assume it is something like a critter or random stranger. It could be the worst case scenario, your furnace. My grandparents’ furnace finally gave out last night and I can’t say that I’m was blown away because of it. They have been living inside same… Read More

Working on my indoor air quality

Every season I’m in a big hurry to switch on my air conditioning. I don’t like the summer heat at all, and I have absolutely no wish for feeling sweaty and overheated when I finally arrive home from work or from running errands around town. I’m also completely unable to sleep in the heat, covered… Read More

I’m happy about my air quality

My hometown is a pretty weird place. You wouldn’t understand that I was raised in a tiny farming town of 5000 residents where it’s still acceptable to raise confederate flags, but believe it or not really, that’s how I was brought up. I escaped that close-minded town around age 18, and voyaging back to visit… Read More

The air conditioning is ineffective

I’m always content to have improvements made to the apartment I’m living in, but lately they’ve been way out of control. I realize that the building I’m in is getting pretty old, but maintenance has practically been destroying the whole place for several months now in the name of repairs. Hardly a week goes by… Read More

The musty stench

I don’t know if you’ve ever requested to get into grad school, but let me inform you of the fact that it’s a real pain in the backside. First of all, you need to contact a million professors to try and find room in their labs before you decide to even bother applying. Then the… Read More

I love this air conditioner

I’m not well adapted for hot summer weather. I get sick in the sun in the event the pounding sun makes me dehydrated, even if I drink water. At night I adore the feeling of being outside the air conditioned house, but inside it’s always far too hot to sleep comfortably and I spend the… Read More

Removing my air conditioner

Several years back in the spring, I bought my husband a Corvette for our anniversary. I saved for the longest time  to get this car, because it was a collector’s series; some silver, hard top convertible. He loved the vehicle more than anything, and he couldn’t wait until he could take it out for a… Read More

My boiler sprung a leak

I had just got into the shower this morning to wash up, my hair was soaped up, and I had been laundering my face, when the water went off. There was soap in my eyes, I couldn’t see, and all I could do was stand there and wait for the water to return. I counted… Read More

I’m happy with my new air conditioner

When you visit the local department shopping mall,  we expect to walk in and have the rush of the air conditioning after the door is opened. Once we walked in from the 95 degree outdoor temperatures and it also was nearly as warm indoors, I thought I would melt in the heat. The air conditioner… Read More

This is a very nice cooling system

I love to travel. I have been travelling for nearly thirty years pretty regularly and I can tell you the few things I never become accustomed to are the basic annoyances. Airports invariably are an awesome place to people watch, a fun place to grab lunch and a quirky place to locate that one strange… Read More