there was so much gossip happening

    Every six months I get my HVAC system serviced. Many of my friends dread these types of appointments, but I never mind. I always clean the house before the appointment. I definitely don’t want the HVAC technician to see my house in disarray. When I clean my house, I clean the whole place, including the… Read More

fitting a new HVAC system

Last week I lost my job. It was a total shock to everyone. I arrived to the HVAC corporation headquarters on Monday and found a note posted to their front door they will be now permanently closed. I tried calling my boss, but he did not know anything more either and lost his job. I’d… Read More

My body is feeling great

Although I retired from my job several years ago, I still pride myself at being professional and kind to everyone I come in contact with in service. In return, I expect that others are kind and courteous in my experience, although this isn’t always the real result. Last week I had to help schedule an… Read More

cooling products that really help

My entire family can’t stand my neighbor, Robert. He has lived next door to me for just two years. The two years he has been there feels more similar to a decade. I can no longer sit around my backyard because he will come over and start bragging about his fabulous house and property. He… Read More

In this moment I feel grateful

A lot of the family goes on vacation in the summer. Usually, we all go camping at the lake an hour away. We constantly are sure to get the best spot around this particular campground near the river. The lake is actually within walking distance of that campground which is awesome too. It’s always fun… Read More

These refrigerant leaks are annoying

The Saturday after last, I had a BBQ organized for some of my good friends. I was really busy most of the week so I wasn’t able to mow my lawn until the last minute. I literally was mowing the lawn Saturday morning just before when it was extremely hot outside. The blend of mowing… Read More

This is a really modern unit

I certainly love my HVAC system for all its benefits, it is good for my family. We have Radiant heated flooring and walls installed! This heats our home very nicely especially through winter time. There can be a bad blizzard outside and we overcome it no problem. The only hard part is plowing the big… Read More

Enjoying the way the air moves

My son is constantly telling me how much he loves our HVAC system. He takes note that I always make sure to keep up with what  will happen to the maintenance needs. He has laughed and said what the HVAC system is compared to at his school. He says that it’s always way too humid… Read More

My allergies are going crazy

I have lots of pets in my home. I have 6 dogs and 7 cats. As you could imagine, this can make it extremely essential to use the top air filters for my HVAC system. I keep the pets all well taken care of in advance and make sure they remain groomed. This allows for… Read More

A brilliant solution

My family and I visited my sister last summer. It was sort of an undesirable timing situation as she was having complaints about her HVAC system. She keeps it nicely maintained and all, but the particular HVAC system she wons is fairly aged. When we finally got to her home, it was truly stupendously hot… Read More